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She Oak Bush Remedy Aids Conception

This is the story of how I first was introduced to flower essences. My husband and I became pregnant with our second child on our honeymoon after travelling on motorbike to the ‘Mother Temple’ in Bali and having our marriage blessed. We were elated to find that soon after this we were preganant! However, we miscarried at twelve weeks and grieved deeply for the loss of this child.

Some months later we felt ready begin trying for another baby. It was not as easy as we imagined, month after month we tried and did not succeed. I started researching conception and began a program of fertility related exercises, meditations, diet and supplements, you name it, I tried it, all to no avail. Eighteen months later and still no pregnancy, I wondered if some part of me was still grieving for our miscarried baby. Although intellectually I felt like I had moved on, I still felt as though energetically, this was preventing me form conceiving. I remembered my friend (Jewelli Dollman of The Flowering Soul) had mentioned that a flower essence might be helpful for fertility so I called and made an appointment.

Jewelli made me a remedy with seven flowers (all of which I don’t remember ) but I do remember that the main essence used was She Oak. This essence is used for hormonal balance in women and has been used successfully with infertility but is often prescribed two weeks on and two weeks off for over a period of six months. For me, one dose bottle of two weeks and I was pregnant! It was on this day that I learnt of the pregnancy that I signed up for my first flower essence workshop.

I have used this essence successfully with a client who was having trouble conceiving. After two dose bottles she found that she had conceived. I felt so thrilled when I learnt of her pregnancy and so thankful for the power of the Australian bush flowers.

I also use She Oak in my moisturiser as it has a hydrating effect and is generally a tonic for women’s wellbeing. They are always found growing near water and when I recently went on a walk to Goonengerry Falls, I saw She Oak in flower. Such a tiny flower, it is easy to miss, so when I see one up close, I feel a rush of specialness.