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Bush Iris Flower Essence Shamila Millard

Bush Iris Aids Spiritual Connection

Last month I went on a bush walk with my father and my daughter in Goonengerry National Park. It was a magical morning on the first day of spring, sun was shining, birds were singing and the flowers were blooming. The most prolific flower in bloom was Bush Iris, Patersonia longifolia. The first bud that I spotted that day got me excited, (partly as I had been house bound for weeks during winter due some persistent flu viruses) mainly because each Bush Iris flower only blooms for a few hours every year before it withers and another flower comes out of the pod and takes its place. As we walked further we saw fields of this Bush Iris dotted throughout the forest, hard to capture on film but such a thrill to see.

I had not spent much quality time with my father recently and as we walked I remembered that Bush Iris was the first essence that I thought to prescribe him. Growing up my father had always proclaimed himself as an atheist and it was only as an adult that I realised what a burden this atheism might be to him. I saw that he had developed a fear of growing old and an unbalanced drive to accumulate material things and make a lot of money. I knew he had a great connection to nature and spirit but had lost this through his disdain for the church and getting caught up in accumulating wealth before he died.

Although sceptical, Dad agreed to take the essence and though he may not remember or acknowledge it himself I saw that he slowly started to take stock of what was really important to him and re-establish his connection with nature, his family and himself. Bush Iris awakens one’s spiritual connection and clears blocks in the trust centre or base chakra allowing people to live their lives with more grace and inner peace.