Healing with Shamila Millard and the bush flower essences

There are sixty nine Australian Bush flower essences that I currently work with. Each flower with its own unique and diverse healing qualities. Sometimes it is a simple matter to choose a single essence that really fits with what you are going through at the time. However, more often, the issues and emotions we are experiencing are multi-layered and more complex. In a consultation we discuss what is going on for you and reach the heart of the issue. Using counselling, kinesiology and intuitive processes, a very specific blend is customised for you to bring about positive change. The essences are often very fast acting but it is important that you take your customised remedy morning and night for a least two weeks. For physical rather than emotional/spiritual issues, remedies are taken for four weeks, so a second two week dose remedy will be needed. A follow up consultation two to four weeks after your initial consultation is recommended. Often, after a client observes how their current issue has been resolved they are keen to move onto another issue they would like clear. Currently I offer face to face consultations in Byron Bay and Goonengerry on the North Coast of New South Wales.

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