Yellow Cowslip Orchid

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Dog Rose of the Wild Forces

Bauera sessiliflora

This flower grows in Victoria in the Grampians region and blooms September through to December. It is similar to Dog Rose but is actually a different species. Both flowers have six magenta coloured petals but Dog Rose of the Wild Forces has black rather than yellow stamens and the blooms grow close to the main stem. Dog Rose of the Wild Forces usually grows near water or in deep sandy gullies and the mother tincture was actually made from blooms overhanging a waterfall.

This essence is for people who feel out of control. It brings a sense of being able to cope and a sense of sanity in such times. For this reason it can be helpful when added to emergency essence. Dog Rose of the Wild forces also helps to ease physical pain when there does not seem to be any cause. It has been used effectively with people working with past lives to heal trauma. It brings calmness and a state emotional balance in times of group hysteria in the face of tragic events. It acts as a kind of ‘safety net’ in these times of inner and out turmoil. Allowing people to process events in a safe and healthy manner.

I am centred and in control of my emotions and actions. I am calm and know the best course of action for everyone involved.