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Telopea speciosissima

This majestic red flower is found in the eastern states of Australia and belongs to the Proteaceae family with links back to Gondwana Land when Australia was joined to Africa. This striking bloom is actually a spherical arrangement of flowers, surrounded by the coloured petal-like bracts. They grow on a shrub which can grow three to four metres tall. It’s name means ‘most beautiful’ and it is the floral emblem of New South Wales.

It is the only flower offered to the first Europeqn settlers by Aboriginals as a gift and it features in many aboriginal legends. Aboriginals soaked the flower in water and then drank the water as a strengthening tonic. So too, Waratah essence offers strength, courage and tenacity to those who are at ‘rock bottom’. For people going through a crisis this essence amplifies survival skills and helps people draw on their reserves of strength.

Used for people who are involved in natural disasters, warfare or, more commonly, emotional ‘black nights of the soul’. It can give people hope and fosters an ability to adapt. This essence is very powerful and often it’s full effect is felt within a few days.

I have the courage and strength to cope with any situation. I am strong, and courageous. I have the skills to survive and thrive.