Turkey Bush

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Turkey Bush

Calytrix exstipulata

The beautiful pink and purple star shaped flowers of Turkey Bush grow in the top end of Australia and thrive in poor gravelly soil. The shrub grows up to three metres high and has tiny, scaly leaves that help the plant to survive the dry seasons. They bloom from May through August.

Turkey Bush essence inspires creativity. The feathery stamens of the flower even look like a paintbrush. Great for artists, musicians, writers, dancers who are feeling blocked in their creativity. Also great for anyone who feels that they can not express their creativity. People who say they can’t draw, paint, sing, act etc get surprising and pleasing results after taking Turkey bush essence.

The mother tincture of Turkey Bush was made by Ian White in Katherine Gorge in the top end of Australia. This area is the site for Aboriginal rock paintings, twenty five thousand years old, the world’s oldest- known art.

My creativity flows with ease. I enjoy expressing my creativity. I am a creative being.