Tall Yellow Top

Tall Yellow Top Australian Bush Flower Essence Healing Flower Alchemy

Tall Yellow Top

Senecio magnificus

Tall Yellow Top is from the daisy family and is one of forty of this species native to Australia of the twenty thousand species found worldwide. This particular species likes to grow in the dry creek and river beds of central Australia. There are actually several flowers packed into the head of this delicate bloom. It is called an ‘everlasting’ flower as it retains its vibrancy long after being plucked. Bright yellow in colour the plant grows up to a metre tall.

Tall Yellow Top essence is for those who are lacking a sense of belonging. The feelings of isolation, alienation or loneliness can be alleviated by this remedy. This feeling of not belonging might relate to anything, their community, workplace, family, country. Tall Yellow Top is really helpful for displaced people like refugees or indigenous people who have been displaced in their own homeland. Also for those feeling a deep lack of love. Such people can disconnect from their hearts and become caught in their heads, Tall Yellow Top can help integrate their feelings with their intellect.

Sometimes people develop feelings of isolation and loneliness from an early childhood wound, feeling unwanted or different from their immediate family and they can carry these feelings into their adult life. Tall Yellow Top works to heal such wounds though may need to be taken for up to eight weeks continuously.

I now release old wounds and feel at home in my world. I am a valued part of my community. I belong in this tribe.