Sunshine Wattle

Sunshine Wattle Australian Bush Flower Essences

Sunshine Wattle

Acacia terminalis

Sunshine Wattle is one of the four hundred and forty five species of the Acacia genus. They are a hardy drought resistant plant suited to harsh Australian climates. Sunshine Wattle has fluffy pale golden flowers which are actually a cluster of six to fifteen small flowers growing on a open scrubby bush of up to two metres. It is found growing in poor rocky soil in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Sunshine Wattle essence gives a sense of optimism and joy, allowing people to appreciate beauty and happiness in the present moment. It works especially well for those who dwell on past negative events they have experienced and expect more of the same in the future. For people who view life as a struggle, this essence offers a different way of the perceiving their world, and with this perception, a life with more joyful experiences usually follows.

The golden radiating blooms of Sunshine wattle reminds me of a bright, gentle, joyous future.

I feel optimistic about my future. My life is full of joy and pleasure. I am now releasing my past and living a happy life.