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Drosera spathulata

The Sundew is an unusual plant as it has red sticky leaves that lie on to the ground and a tall stem where the tiny two millimetre white to pink flowers reach to the sky. It is an insectivorous plant. Insects are attracted to the red sticky leaves and tiny tentacles envelop the insect until digested by the plant. It likes growing in swamps, at the base of cliffs and on creek banks. These flowers are mainly found in south west of Western Australian but also in Asia and islands of the Pacific.

Sundew essence is a real grounding essence. Good for daydreamers who need to be more present. Allows these people to be connected to their dreams whilst being able to put these dreams into action in the real world. Helps those who have trouble with attention to detail and focus. Also helps with vagueness and indecision. Great for fainting, recovering from coma or anaesthetic. Sundew essence can also help with procrastination.

I am in the present, here and now. I am focused and decisive. I am grounded and taking practical action on my dreams.