Sturt Desert Pea

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Sturt Desert Pea

Clianthus formosus

The Sturt Desert Pea is a red glossy flower with a dark centre. It grows up to 7-10 cms and is found in the arid centre of Australia in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. It is the floral emblem of South Australia.

This powerful remedy is for deep held sadness and grief. The seeds can last up to 40 years before germination and often require a great force such as a fire or boiling water to sprout. So too we can hold onto our deep hurts for a long time and often is takes quite a cathartic experience to fully let them go. This essence can trigger cathartic emotional releases.

Australian aboriginals refer to Sturt Desert Pea as ‘the flower of blood’. It a symbol of and link to the blood of their ancestors that was spilled during the genocide of colonisation. Deep grief that is held in the body can often translate to physical pain and Sturt Desert Pea has been used to treat both emotional and related physical pain. It also helps to reenergise and motivate people after a time of grief and sorrow.

I am now free of past hurt and grief. I have a new found energy to live my life.