Silver Princess

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Silver Princess

Eucalyptus caesia

Silver Princess flower is a bloom from the genus Eucalyptus or gum tree that grows up to three metres and is found in the granite outcrops of Western Australia and the central wheat belt. The red flowers are actually a cluster of red stamens which expand and push off the hard ‘cap’ or ‘gum nut’. They grow up to three centimetres in width. The bark and young leaves have a beautiful silver sheen that gives this flower its name.

Silver Princess essence is used for those who want clarity about their life direction or career path. For those who are at any sort of crossroad, Silver Princess can make the best possible direction clear. When one finds their true purpose or dharma for this life, a deep sense of peace and satisfaction is felt. Also useful for those who are finding it difficult being motivated after achieving a goal. Silver Princess can give the motivation or impetus to take action. This essence can help to refocus and achieve new dreams goals and desires.

I now know my path in life. I am pursuing my dreams and goals.