Red Suva Frangipani

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Red Suva Frangipani

Plumeria acutifolia‘Rubra’

Although this flower is not native to Australia, the mother tincture of Red Suva Frangipani was prepared near Darwin in the Northern Territory after Ian White (founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essence range) had a profound healing experience with this flower. The Plumeria species originates in Central America but is now found throughout Asia and the South Pacific. Frangipani is a well loved flower, for it’s sweet, heady fragrance and soft velvety petals.

The Red Suva Frangipani has a more musky, rather than sweet aroma. The sap and flowers are used in cross- culturally to treat mainly skin and general diseases and used in welcoming leis (floral necklaces). This tree also symbolises immortality due to it’s ability for a seemingly dead branch to begin another tree and is used temple offering and often planted near temples. Also commonly referred to as ‘bleeding heart’.

Red Suva Frangipani essence is used for easing the intensity of emotions that often come when near to or following the end of a relationship, or even when going through a ‘rocky’ period. This essence can provide a release from sadness, instead offering a feeling of being loved and nurtured. This essence is also used for the raw emotions experienced through the loss of a loved one through death, acting as a heart salve, soothing and nurturing. Red Suva Frangipani provides relief to an overwrought nervous system and has a tonifying effect on the lungs, stomach and solar plexus.

I now feel inner peace and harmony. I feel nurtured and trust in my ability to cope.