Pink Mulla Mulla

Pink Mulla Mulla Australian Bush Flower Essence

Pink Mulla Mulla

Ptilotus helipteroides

Pink Mulla Mulla is found the dry interior of Australia’s outback region. It is an annual plant that flowers for most of the year. The flowers are small 2.2cm by 1.5cm with pointy fluffy white petals and deep magenta stamens.

This essence is for deep spiritual wounds that we hold in our psyches. Often these wounds are ancient possibly from past lives maybe even as far back as our first incarnation. The wounds show themselves in this life as sabotage patterns that are held in the casual body so they are hidden from our conscious awareness. Flower essence therapy is one of the few modalities that can shift such blocks.

This essence also works on those who have a ‘prickly’ persona, who come across as being gruff and keep others at a distance. Such people have a fear of being hurt so Pink Mulla Mulla allows them to open up and form closer relationships. Pink Mulla Mulla has also proved to be very effective with clients who are resistant to change and who have associated stiffness in the body.

I trust others and am opening myself up to them. I am following my spiritual path without distraction. I am now free of past wounds and am living a radiant life.