Pink Flannel Flower

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Pink Flannel Flower

Actinotus forsythii

I have all ways felt a special affinity with this flower. When I was mediating on which flower to use as my logo, it was pink flannel flower that kept appearing. Pink flannel flower is very rare and was even thought to be extinct. It was found only in the upper Blue mountains of New South Wales though it was not reported for fifty years. Two years before the last flowering season there had been severe bush fires throughout the region so some believe this to be condition for flowering.

Tiny pale to deep pink fluffy flowers are clustered together framed by pale pink sepals in this one centimetre bloom. They grow on a thirty to forty centimetre bush that branches out in a long wiry form. This essence allows people to stay fully in their heart. It instills a deep gratitude for life, not only on those days when things are going our way but also when situations seem less than ideal. It allows us to experience joy and positivity with ease, to take delight in the little details of life. I believe these qualities are so important to living a happy and fulfilled life.

The high love vibration of pink flannel flower lends itself to young babies to help them to keep their heart energy open and integrate to the physical plane. It also helps people be more in touch with their intuition as they experience life more joyously with appreciation with less blocks to this inner knowledge. Being connected to this heart energy through pink flannel flower essence allows one to find creative and practical solutions to life’s challenges.

I feel gratitude and appreciation for my life. My heart is open and joyous. I am light and full of joy.