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Eucalyptus macrocarpa

The macrocarpa flower is the largest of the Eucalyptus flowers (up to seventy five millimetres) and grows on a shrubby tree that can grow up to five and a half metres high. It is becoming increasingly rare and is found in a few isolated tracts of Western Australian. It is commonly known as the ‘western rose’. The flower bursts forth from the woody bud on the branch revealing the red blossom and pops off the cap of the bud hinting at the energy and power that this essence brings.

This remedy is like an energy tonic. It is great for people who are convalescing to bring them back to their full energy. It works to tonify the adrenals which are often depleted when people are overtired. Sometimes when people are in this state they have trouble sleeping and resting so macrocarpa can help the body fall back into a healthy rest pattern. If the adrenals are compromised then it often follows that the immune system is also compromised so in these cases macrocarpa can also work as an immune boosting essence.

Macrocarpa essence can also work as an endurance tonic. I tend to take it if I know I have a very busy time ahead. It is often very fast acting and seems to give ‘pick me up effect’.

I am energetic and full of vitality. I have enough energy to do what I need to do and I know when to rest.