Fringed Violet

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Fringed Violet

Thysanotus tuberosus

The delicate purple flower of Fringed Violet is about seven millimetres long and the plant is found in every state of Australia. It blooms in summer and spring with the flower opening for only a single morning. I was thrilled to find it flowering near my home one christmas morning. The most common use for this flower is after experiencing some kind of shock or trauma. Fringed Violet has the ability to clear this trauma (which can be seen as a hole or break in someones aura through kirilian photography). Ideal for victims of post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Recuperation after shock is much faster after using Fringed Violet. Also recommended for anyone who may have been involved in an accident or assault. Fringed Violet provides a layer of psychic protection for those who seem to be overly affected by outside negative influences. Fringed Violet essence also helps to bring people ‘back into their body’ after sessions like hypnotherapy, rebirthing or any experience where deep emotions may have been felt

My being is now integrated and protected. I am vital and healthy.