Dagger Hakea

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Dagger Hakea

Hakea teretifolia

The creamy flowers of the Dagger Hakea give off a gorgeous honey-cinnamon scent when they bloom in Springtime.They grow on a straggly shrub that grows up to 3 metres tall in damp health lands and have long pointed ‘dagger-like’ leaves and fruit.

Dagger Hakea essence is used for people who come across as ‘prickly’. Those who often express themselves with sharp words and have a tendency to hold grudges. It allows such people to express themselves openly and be able to forgive. Using Dagger Hakea prior to undergoing a forgiveness process can be very powerful.

Dagger Hakea is especially useful when there is resentment and bitterness towards close friends and family. Great for family feuds and when there are repressed emotions simmering beneath a polite facade. Dagger Hakea has the ability to transform bitterness and resentment into unconditional love.

I am free to express my feelings openly. I can forgive and build great relationships.