Bush Iris

Bush Iris

Patersonia longifolia

After completing my flower essence practitioner training, this was the first flower that I found in the wild. It was also the first flower that was made into a remedy by Ian White. I felt so blessed and attuned to all the flora and fauna on that camping trip and had some profound meditations and subsequently found Flannel flower, Hibbertia, Old Man Banksia and Slender Rice flower later that day.

The three purple sepals of Bush Iris give its’ lovely purple colour. The flowers are actually small and inconspicuous. Bush Iris buds only flower for a few hours, wilt and disappear, then seem to reappear after only a short time. This is because there are many buds packed into a bract so bud after bud reappears.

This evokes for me the cycles of death and rebirth that we see in ourselves and nature. Indeed this essence is very potent in helping people in their transition from life to death. It can help them to pass over more gracefully and may even decrease the need for pain-relieving drugs allowing them to be more attuned to the spiritual nature of their passing. Bush Iris also facilitates spiritual awakening and can be useful for overly materialistic people.

It brings about a connection with spirit that fosters a deep trust and security.

I am open and attuned to my spirituality. I know death is just another change. I am safe.