Bush Gardenia

Bush Gardenia

Gardenia megasperma

Bush Gardenia is found throughout tropical woodlands and open forests in the Northern Territory. It a nine metre high tree producing fragrant white flowers with nine petals, which bloom from July to November. The hard fruit is about 6 centimetres long and contains many edible seeds, which are filled with a sweet thick juice and are embedded in a pulpy material.

This essence is for renewing passion and interest within relationships. Bush Gardenia can bring couples back to seeing and relating to the other in a loving, heart centred way. Passion that can diminish when we are too preoccupied with our own lives is re-ignited with Bush Gardenia.

Bush Gardenia is also appropriate for people who need to have a more loving relationship with themselves, or between brothers and sisters. It is also used for family bonds and improves communication.

I have passion in my relationships with others and with myself