Bottlebrush Bush Flower Remedy Australian Flower Alchemy Shamilla Millard


Callistemon linearis

The Bottlebrush can grow up to three metres and has a staminate inflorescence which is made up of many individual red flowers with numerous stamens creating a bottle brush look. Callistemon is of the Myrtaceae family of which there are at least twenty species and sixteen of these, including Callistemon linearis are found in New South Wales.

The bottlebrush essence is for major transitions in life and is made from the flowers and the fluffy new leaves. Transitions such as starting school, getting a job, marriage, divorce, moving house, retirement, menopause and death are major turning points in life where bottlebrush is very supportive. Helps accept change and to brush away the past allowing a person to move on to the new.

Bottlebrush helps to deal with feelings of overwhelm, inadequacy and responsibility that come for pregnant women, perfect for clearing out of emotional garbage before birth. Bottlebrush also supports the bonding between mother and child. It is also a great remedy for letting go of addictions.

Bottlebrush is about clearing out and letting go.

My life force is flowing and I allow the new into my life. I
am open and accept change.