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Boronia ledifolia

With over ninety species found over all States of Australia, the majority of Boronia ledifolia are native to Queensland and New South Wales. The pink flowers have four petals and eight stamens and bloom from July onwards. After they have bloomed they close like buds over the ripening fruit. The seed is explosively scattered when ripe.

Boronia essence releases chatter, obsessive and unwanted thoughts bringing clarity of thought and serenity of mind. It is excellent to be taken after a relationship has broken up or when pining over another. For example, when you just can’t get the other out of your head, and are going over and over conversations or situations, Boronia is the remedy for you.

Boronia has also been proved to relieve insomnia due to excessive thinking.
Boronia releases the feeling of pressure in the head and allows focus and concentration on what is happening in the present. This remedy brings one in touch with their intuition through the quietening of the mind and the release of unpleasant thoughts. In turn, people manifest desired changes, allowing creative visualization and new positive thoughts to heal.

My mind is quiet, allowing me to be in the present and giving space for the divine.