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Adansonia gibbosa

These large creamy white fragrant flowers grow on the iconic Boab tree with its large, smooth swollen trunk which can grow up to twenty five metres in girth. It is native to the north-west region of Western Australia. The flowers are between eight and twelve centimetres. They have five fleshy petals with many lengthy stamens and flower at the beginning of the wet season November to February.

The Boab flower essence is often used to clear any negative patterns of our ancestors that we may have embodied. Negative patterns, beliefs, emotions and dysfunctional behaviours can be passed on from generation to generation. Boab has the amazing ability to clear these core patterns and emotional baggage. Boab has also shown to be able to clear some genetic health patterns. The local aboriginal people of north west Western Australian knew of the healing qualities of Boab. When women went in to labour, a birthing pit was dug and lined with Boab flowers so that their babies came in clear and free from any negative ancestral patterns.

Boab also clears the environment of negative energies and can clear incidents of abuse, prejudice and persecution that can hinder us from being who we truly are.

I now clear any negative family patterns and conditioning. I am free to truly be me.