Bluebell Bush Flower Essence Australian flower Alchemy Shamilla Millard


Wahlenbergia spp

There are about sixteen species of Bluebell found in Australia, however this remedy was made form native Bluebell growing in Central Australia at KataJuta (the Olgas).

The delicate purple flower is all about heart opening. It encourages heart felt sharing and eliminates the fear of lack. It enables people to be open to giving and receiving love. Helps people to trust in universal abundance.

I have used it successfully with a client who believed that he could not give too much love as it would somehow deplete him. Intellectually he knew that this was not right but subconsciously he was behaving in ways that supported this belief. After taking a remedy with Bluebell as part of the combination his partner noticed a real shift in how he interacted with her and their children.

It is also for people who are not in touch with their feelings. For people who learn to block their emotions it can open them to experiencing a full range of emotion and clearing blocks that they have created.

It is safe to freely give and receive love. I am in touch with my emotions. I trust that there is enough. My heart is open.