Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan Bush Flower Remedy Australian flower Essences Shamilla Millard

Black Eyed Susan

Tetratheca ericifolia

Black eyed Susan is found in all states of Australia in the heaths and open forests of the sandstone areas. Black-Eyed Susan grows up to 30 centimetres. It’s mauve colour flowers have stamens with black pollen bearing anthers and these are the “black eyes”.

If you feel like you are always rushing and on the go, aiming to fit everything in your day which creates stressful situations, this could be the remedy for you. This remedy is for the fast moving, quick thinking and impatient people who are especially impatient with others who aren’t moving as fast as you think they should.

Black Eyed Susan helps people to slow down, turn inwards and find the centre within the storm. This essence can create a gentleness and sympathy towards others and the patience to listen and get to know them. It can create the ability to delegate work and use their quick intuitive grasp of ideas and situations to help others in practical ways and with this a sense of slowing down and inner peace.

I greet each day with calmness, grace and gentleness. I know everything is in perfect timing and I take time to smell the roses.