Billy Goat Plum

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Billy Goat Plum

Planchonia careya

These scented white or yellow flowers are found on a large tree, which can grow up to 10 metres high, from July to October. Found in the Northern Territory and across northern Queensland, Billy Goat Plum is used by the Aborigines to treat skin problems. The inner bark is pounded and soaked in water until it turns red is used as a wash for boils, burns and sores. The small, fine roots were also used, soaked in water and applied to the skin to relieve itching from heat rash, chickenpox or prickly heat.

This essence is for those who have difficulty enjoying sex due to a dislike of their physical bodies. For those who have experienced sexual abuse, it releases feelings of shame, embarrassment and disgust around sex. It allows the spiritual and emotional aspects of sex to be experienced and enjoyed as well as physical sensations and sexual pleasure.

This essence can also be taken topically or taken internally for eczema or psoriasis and acne. Is used to accept the physical body. When before there was self-loathing or disgust especially with skin conditions like herpes, venereal warts, discharge caused by thrush or a venereal disease.

I see the beauty within my body and allow it to dance its rhythm. I enjoy and embrace sexual pleasure allowing my inner juices to flow.