Banksia Robur

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Banksia robur

Banksia robur

This flower is found growing in the coastal swamplands from South of Sydney to Southern Queensland. It belongs to the Proteacae family of plants and it’s flowers grow from eight to fifteen centimetres in length and eight to ten centimetres in width. These unique flowers are tightly packed growing in a spiral shape beginning as a blue green colour then through to a light yellow. They grow on trees that can be up to three metres high.

Banksia robur essence is used for people who are usually quite energetic who are experiencing a temporary set back in energy, perhaps due to burnout, illness or disappointments. It can lift them back to there natural energetic state. Also for such energetic people to feel at ease with such ebbs and flows in energy cycles. This essence can bring an renewed interest in life, enthusiasm and enjoyment.

I am excited about what life has to offer. I am full of vitality and joy.