Angelsword Bush Flower Remedy Australian flower essence


Lobelia gibbosa

Angelsword flower is found is all states of Australia blooming in autumn. It is one of fifty species found in Australia of the one thousand one hundred and twenty species of Lobelia found worldwide. It likes a light soil and a sunny position. The deep blue to purple flowers grow between 12-18mm long. The shape of the flower is like a sword, looking at it on one angle, and from the other, it looks like a wizard or a monk dressed in purple robes.

Angelsword essence helps people with discernment of spiritual information. Finding which information is true for us personally on our own spiritual path. It helps to clear any confusion and come to our inner truth especially when there may be misinformation circulating. Like a sword slicing away the information that does not serve us to reveal our truth.

This essence also has the ability to cut unhealthy energetic ties that we hold with family, friends, or lovers. Angelsword can foster communication with our ‘angels’ or ‘guides’ and ultimately our own inner knowing or highest self. It works on the whole aura allowing helpful information in and blocking that which is detrimental. It has worked well with people suffering from schizophrenic conditions to discern what is true information. Angelsword can allow us to access gifts and skills that we have gained in former lifetimes.

I receive information from my own inner knowledge. I now release any negative energies that were a part of me.