Alpine Mint Bush

Alpine Mint Bush Flower Remedy Australian flower essence

Alpine Mint Bush

Prostanthera cuneata

Found in South Eastern Australia and Tasmania in the sub and alpine areas, Alpine Mint Bush has highly aromatic leaves and dense white to pale mauve flowers with purple and golden spots. It usually grows with two buds, one blooming just as the other begins to wither and this blooming pattern gives us a hint of the healing qualities of Alpine Mint Bush.

This essence is primarily used for care givers who are feeling burnt out. It can revitalise and re- energise and can also be used as a preventative for those in such roles. As a new mother I found it very helpful with my new ‘job’ in which I was on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, far exceeding the hours of any other work I had done in the past. It is also very helpful for those working in the health care industry, such as doctors, nurses, social workers or psychologists who may ‘take their work home with them’, concerned about the well- being of their clients.

Alpine Mint Bush offers a renewed sense of enthusiasm and enjoyment for caregivers who feel the emotional and mental weight of their roles.

I am rejuvenated and feel renewed joy in my work as a caregiver. I am divinely supported. I am re-energised, capable and enjoying life.